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" When doing projects across the country, it is nice to deal with one vendor throughout the entire project and know that I am going to have the jobs done correctly. After trying several of Tandem Data’s competitors, we plan on working with Tandem Data well into the future."

R. Eddings, Implementation Manager, Perot Systems

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Tandem Data Wireless Solutions

Wireless Network for Small Business & Enterprise: Design, Installation and Maintenance

Tandem Data features industry-leading wireless connectivity and Wi-Fi products from Ruckus Wireless and Ubiquiti Networks. We are your one call for turnkey installation of wireless solutions whether you need them in Dallas, TX or Nationwide. Anything from retail and small office networks, warehouse environments, building to building campus environments and enterprise-class installations, we have the coverage and expertise to get it done right the first time.

Tandem Data's wireless networking solutions can increase productivity in your office, improve customer satisfaction in your venue and provide a convenience that most people already expect. If you need a wireless network installed or are having problems with your current network, then let Tandem Data help you determine the ideal design, installation and implementation plan for your business needs, including:

  • Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Outdoor broadband wireless and Wi-Fi
  • Indoor cellular and distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • Wireless and Wi-Fi for multimedia (Telephony/VoIP, CCTV, paging and music systems, etc.)
  • Wireless voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Fixed wireless backhaul, including point-to-point and point to multi-point wireless bridge solutions

Wireless Advantages:

  • Reduced cost of ownership - Wireless networking requires far fewer cable runs than a wired network and since wireless access points aren't limited to a specific number of hardware ports, wireless networks easily support the addition of new users and devices, usually without the need for additional wiring and equipment.
  • Increased productivity - Wireless users are free to move about the network area with their laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. while maintaining their network connection, and can share files and other resources with other connected devices without the need for a hardwired connection.
  • Device neutrality - Wireless networks enable bring-your-own-device (BYOD) functionality for your organization and provide access to network resources which would otherwise be inaccessible to handheld devices like tablets and smart phones.
  • Improved relationships - A wireless network enables you to provide a secure network connection to visiting clients and associates, allowing you to add value to your relationships without significant additional costs.
  • Scalability - Wireless networking can provide network coverage to widespread areas of your facility via wireless mesh networking, and can even wirelessly connect outlying buildings over large distances using high-speed wireless backhaul technology or wireless bridges, allowing an entire corporate or educational campus to share a single, centralized internet connection.

Contact us today at 972-820-8600, to see how we can help you meet your wireless networking needs, solve your networking problems, and increase the productivity of your business.