"In the 20 years that I’ve worked in the technology field I’ve found Zultys to be one of the best products and companies I’ve ever worked with. The MX brings a lot of capabilities to our VoIP infrastructure in a very simple to manage system."

Scott Mayes, CISSP, Indiana Bank & Trust Company

Zultys Certified Reseller

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Zultys Mobility & Teleworker Support

Real-Time Unified Communications

Zultys Mobility And Teleworker Solutions

Perfect Mobile Solutions

Zultys REAL-TIME mobile unified communications and teleworker solutions allow mobile and remote workers to access the corporate voice and unified communications system quickly and easily no matter where they are. With Zultys Mobile Communicator your team can cooperate as a single integrated unit regardless of whether they are sitting in the same room or are working in different parts of the world.

Mobility's Key Features

  • Single number contact
  • View and call from your corporate call log
  • Corporate directory and extension dialing
  • Local and corporate address book
  • Real-time presence status & presence notes
  • Real-time call alerts & full caller ID
  • Real-time instant messaging (IM) & IM alerts
  • Least cost routing
  • Caller privacy
  • Voice traffic is carried over the cellular/mobile network

Total Teleworker Support

The Zultys MXconnect feature lets you easily deploy and support remote teleworker phones without needing a virtual private network (VPN) connection. ANY phone can be an extension of your office.

Key Teleworker Features

  • Automatic NAT traversal allows any IP phone to be fully connected to the corporate network
  • Zultys IP phone systems offer secure connectivity even without an external VPN server or a static IP address
  • Complete corporate communications system access
  • Full call handling including find me/follow me for up to 16 locations, call forwarding and more
  • Corporate directory and extension dialing
  • Support extends to 3rd party analog/TDM devices, IP and SIP devices, mobile phones and satellite phones