"In the 20 years that I’ve worked in the technology field I’ve found Zultys to be one of the best products and companies I’ve ever worked with. The MX brings a lot of capabilities to our VoIP infrastructure in a very simple to manage system."

Scott Mayes, CISSP, Indiana Bank & Trust Company

Zultys Certified Reseller

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Zultys Phone SystemsZultys Phone SystemsZultys Phone Systems

Zultys Unified Communications Solutions

Open Standards SIP Platform

Zultys Unified Communications Solutions

Zultys’ pure SIP Unified Communication Solutions are built from the ground up to make all your communications systems work together by weaving voice, data, video, presence and mobility solutions into a single corporate unified communications system. Zultys' unified communications solutions help businesses reduce costs, boost productivity and provide the lowest total cost of ownership and the fastest ROI of any system available.

Zultys is a true open standards platform which doesn't restrict you to a closed, propritary architecture or vendor lock-in. SIP extends the open-standards spirit of the Internet to messaging, enabling disparate computers, phones, televisions and software to communicate. With open standards, customers benefit because vendors must compete directly on functionality and price – delivering a better investment value to you.

Zultys IP phone systems are easy to install and maintain because of their award-winning “All-in-One” design, and can easily scale from small offices to global enterprise systems that support thousands of users through a highly survivable distributed network. Zultys IP phone systems are supported by survivable gateway and Analog-SIP gateway products.

All this at a price that is incredibly attractive even to the smallest businesses.

Onsite Options

Zultys MX 250 SIP Gateway
MX250 Enterprise-class
IP Phone System
50+ users
Zultys MX-SE
MX-SE IP Phone System for
Small and Medium-sized Businesses
50 users or less

Key Features:

  • All-in-one design for sophisticated simplicity
  • Unified communications - one tool controls everything
  • Work as one team from anywhere
  • Real-time collaboration and conferencing
  • Salesforce.com and deep Outlook integration
  • Scalable and reliabile
  • Contact center solutions
  • Multi-site support and connectivity
  • IP phone systems
  • IP phones
  • Unified communications

Hosted Options

Zultys Cloud Services
Zultys Cloud Services - Hosted PBX

Key Features:

  • Initial Cost Savings – No large upfront investment by purchasing an office telephone system.
  • Ongoing Cost Savings – You pay only for services and features on a per-employee basis. Features can be easily added or removed as your business needs change.
  • Mobility – Integrate smart phones with the Mobile Communicator App, enabling mobile workers to access the same features of the office phone system, like total call control, office directory, IM, Presence, Visual Voice Mail and much more.
  • Work Anywhere – When your office phone system is virtual, employees can work from home, remote offices, on the road, mobile phones, and even overseas – just as if they were in the office.
  • Easy Set-up and Admin – With Zultys Cloud Services, you can be up and running very quickly. Ongoing administration is simple with Zultys admin interface that enables user management, monitoring and making changes to your service at any time.
  • Reliability – We maintain multiple redundant data centers supervised and maintained 24/7/365 so your communications infrastructure is protected.