"In the 20 years that I’ve worked in the technology field I’ve found Zultys to be one of the best products and companies I’ve ever worked with. The MX brings a lot of capabilities to our VoIP infrastructure in a very simple to manage system."

Scott Mayes, CISSP, Indiana Bank & Trust Company

Zultys Certified Reseller

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Zultys MXnetwork and MXgroup

Connectivity Solutions

Zultys Unified Communications Solutions

Zultys Unified Communications solutions are designed to provide companies with maximum deployment flexibility, allowing companies to deploy what they need today, with an easy expansion path to handle tomorrow’s needs as well. Whether you receive voice service from legacy telephony providers or from Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), Zultys delivers full phone system functionality and supports users through a range of connectivity options

Enterprise-wide Unified
Communications Made Easy

The Zultys MXnetwork option allows multiple Zultys MX250 and Zultys MX30 systems to be interconnected over IP to form a single highly survivable company-wide unified communications system.

Seamless Connectivity Between
Up to 128 Locations

Zultys MXgroup is a software option for Zultys IP PBX products that allows multiple Zultys systems to be interconnected over IP to form a single enterprise-wide unified communications system.