"In the 20 years that I’ve worked in the technology field I’ve found Zultys to be one of the best products and companies I’ve ever worked with. The MX brings a lot of capabilities to our VoIP infrastructure in a very simple to manage system."

Scott Mayes, CISSP, Indiana Bank & Trust Company

Zultys Certified Reseller

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Zultys MXconference & MXmeeting

Open Standards Collaboration

Zultys Unified Communications Solutions

MXconference AND MXmeeting - Your Complete Collaboration Solution

MXconference also interfaces with the MXmeeting web conference system. When you schedule an audio conference you can also choose to schedule an interactive, collaborative web conference. When you start your conference session MXIE will automatically launch an ad-hoc MXmeeting web conference tied to the internal audio conference bridge. The 4-in-1 MXmeeting appliance (not required to use MXconference) plugs right into your network and allows people to join a collaborative web conference.

The Affordable Audio Conference Bridge That is Built Into Your MX Platform

The Zultys MXconference private audio bridge service is a software feature for Zultys' IP PBXs that eliminates the need for costly recurring subscription-based conference services and requires no additional hardware.

MXmeeting Web Conferencing

Zultys MXmeeting is a web-conferencing platform that fully integrates with the Zultys MXIE unified communications client. You can launch a multi-party web-conference or 4-way video conference with the touch of a button from your Mac or PC.